Top 10 Sydney property valuations idea.

The problem is it’s only inflating to markets it’s the stock markets and .The real estate markets that’s the two big markets that are getting highly highly inflated right now Sydney property valuations .

sydney property valuations
sydney property valuations

That’s where all the money is moving it hasn’t moved out to the public in a massive scale so you haven’t seen huge inflation on prices and so on but it’s been stuck in.

The real estate markets and in the stock market well and of course we have to make the point that in many rural areas outside of the big cities in Australia.

It’s not exactly the same but when we were talking about big cities like Sydney and others I mean what’s going on in Australia is it’s just further manipulation of.

The markets and people can’t even afford in many cases to even buy a house they have to and they can actually owned property anymore can you go into.

What exactly is going on both of the average as an example in March the average increase in home values was twelve point nine percent and that’s insane.

That’s insane that’s March one model and on the annualside of course like it’s highly unstable but on the annual side sitting of course very close to nineteen percent in gains .

we’ve seen also you know Vancouver Toronto London being very similar to this and it’s pushed by this agenda of cheeping in the currency and then have it cheap interest rate so you increase you know the amount of people

that get into the deck because that’s your fuel system and as you have people getting into and sustainable housing debt because your house is not an asset of course.

this you know becomes worse and worse and worse the colors are clear yeah because people have been told that their houses an ATM